BIOBASE Table Top Low Speed Centrifuge BKC-TL5M เครื่องปั่นเหวี่ยงตกตะกอน


BKC-TL5M centrifuge is a desktop low-speed multi-rotor centrifuge


It is often used for separating serum, plasma, precipitated protein or urine sediment examination.

* It can store 20 programs, automatic memory from the last running programs.
* Power failure self-recovery, improve efficiency.
* The program is adjustable during running, convenient and fast;
* Adjustable acceleration levels: 10, deceleration levels: 10.
* Large torque frequency conversion motor direct drive, no carbon powder pollution, maintenance free, long service life.
* OLED LCD digital display, real-time display of all operating parameters.
* Multi-stage shock absorption, overspeed, unbalanced, door cover multiple protection, fault self-inspection, safe and reliable.
* Program memory function, automatic memory of the last running parameters,
* English and Chinese could be change freely.
* Centrifugal complete automatic door opening and remind.

Technical Parameters:

Model BKC-TL5M
Max. Speed 5000rpm
Max. Capacity 4*500ml
Max. RCF 4390xg
Temp. Range Normal Temperature
Speed Precision ±1%rpm or ±20rpm
Time Range 1~999min
Noise ≤65dB
Power Supply AC 220±10%V ,50/60±10%Hz
Consumption 550W
External Size(L*W*H)mm 620*450*350
Net Weight/Gross Weight(kg) 45/60


with mark(●) is round-bottom tube, with mark(▲) is sharp-bottom tube. We can do custom adapter according

the user’s requirements.

No. Rotor Capacity Max.Speed(rpm) Max.RCF(xg)
No.1 Swing  Rotor 4*9*15ml basket 4000 3580
No.2 4*12*5ml vacuum tube basket 4000
No.3 4*1*250ml basket 4000
No.4 4*8*15ml(▲)basket 4000
No.5 4*1*50ml(basket) 5000
No.6 4*2*50ml(basket) 4000
No.7 4*3*50ml(basket) 4000
No.8 4*1*100ml(●)basket 4000
No.9 4*1*100ml(▲)basket 4000
No.10 4*2*100ml basket 4000
No.11 4*4*30ml(●)PP basket 4000
No.12 4*8*15ml basket 4000
No.13 4*12*10ml basket 4000
No.14 4*250ml basket 4000
No.15 4*20*2ml vacuum tube(L80mm) 4000
No.16 4*20*5ml vacuum tube (L106mm) 4000
No.17 4*24*2ml vacuum tube 4000
No.18 4*24*5ml vacuum tube (L75mm) 4000
No.19 4*24*5ml vacuum tube (L100mm) 4000
No.20 4*24*5ml vacuum tube( L106mm) 4000
No.21 4*20*7ml PP transparency tube rack 4000 3500
No.22 4*16*10ml tube rack 4000
No.23 4*25*1.5ml tube rack 4000
No.24 4*2*50ml basket 4000 3200
No.25 4*9*10ml basket 4000 2810
No.26 4*1*50ml basket 5000 4390
No.27 4*1*100ml basket
No.28 4*50ml PRP cup 4000 3200
No.29 4*2*50ml(▲) 4000 3500
No.30 4*4*50ml tube rack 4000
No.31 4*10*5ml vacuum tube (L106mm) 4000
No.32 4*12*5ml vacuum tube(L75mm) 4000
No.33 4*12*5ml vacuum tube(L80mm) 4000
No.34 4*12*5ml vacuum tube(L100mm) 4000
No.35 4*12*5ml vacuum tube (L106mm) 4000
No.36 4*18*5ml vacuum tube (L106mm) 4000
No.37 4*20 *5ml 4000
No.39 Microplate Rotor 2*2*96well 4000 2300
No.1 Angle Rotor 4*50ml 5000 2520
No.2 4*100ml 2630
No.3 6*50ml 2850
No.4 8*15ml 2600
No.5 12*5/7ml 3080
No.6 12*10ml
No.7 12*15ml
No.8 18*10ml 2810
No.9 24*10ml 3500
No.10 30*5/7ml