BIOBASE Low Speed Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge BKC-VL5RML เครื่องปั่นเหวี่ยงตกตะกอน



Patented refrigeration system, fast energy saving, reducing preparation time and improving efficiency

1. 10 kinds of speed up and down, 20 kinds of program storage
2. Brush-less high-torque frequency conversion motor, no dust pollution, fast lifting speed, maintenance-free
3. High-definition LCD display, button programming design, intuitive and simple operation
4. Automatic electric induction door lock, emergency unlocking function; over speed, over temperature, unbalance automatic protection
5. Imported fluorine-free compressor unit, double-cycle refrigeration, strong heat and cold exchange capacity, no environmental pollution, precise temperature control
6. The fuselage adopts high-quality steel structure, built-in stainless steel explosion-proof protection inner sleeve, stainless steel centrifugal chamber, three-layer protection, safe and reliable
7. Patented refrigeration system, fast energy saving, reducing preparation time and improving efficiency
8. The speed and temperature are precisely controlled by a microcomputer processor, and the speed, temperature and RCF value are displayed in real time during operation

Technical Parameters: 

Max Speed 5000rpm
Max Capacity 4*750ml
Speed Precision ±20r/min
Noise ≤65dB(A)
Temperature Controlling Range -20~40℃
Temperature Controlling Precision ±1℃
Timing Range 1-999min
Power Supply Standard: 220V 50/60Hz, optional: 110V 50/60Hz
External Size 550*650*820mm
Net Weight 120kg
Packing Size 950*750*1050mm
Gross Weight 150kg

Rotor Specifications:

Rotor NO. Rotor Type Capacity Max Speed(rpm) Max RCF(*g)
NO.1 Swing rotor(round cup) 4*750ml 4000 3380
NO.2 Swing rotor(round cup) 4*500ml 4000 3184
NO.3 Elisa plate 2*2*96well 4000 2300
NO.4 Swing rotor 4*1*50ml 5000 4682
NO.5 4*1*100ml 4750
NO.6 4*2*100ml 4000 3157
NO.7 4*2*50ml 2996
NO.8 4*8*15ml 2558
NO.9 4*20*2ml vacuum tube 3010
NO.10 4*20*5ml vacuum tube 3139
NO.11 4*24*5ml vacuum tube 3200
NO.12 Swing rotor 4*10*5ml vacuum tube 4000 3000
NO.13 4*12*5ml vacuum tube 3000
NO.14 4*18*5ml vacuum tube 3000
NO.15 Fixed rotor 12*15ml 5000 2200
NO.16 24*10ml 2200
NO.17 6*50ml 3400
NO.18 4*100ml 2800
NO.19 6*100ml 3150