BIOBASE Table Top Low Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge BKC-TL6RD เครื่องปั่นเหวี่ยงตกตะกอน



The instrument has been widely applies to the experiments in fields of clinical medicine, biology, genetic engineering, immunology, Which applies to isolation radio-immunity, water treatment, biology, chemistry, bio-pharmaceutical and blood.

* 5-inch high-definition touch screen, easily operated, visual display.
* Automatically identify 4 kinds of different rotors, eliminate hidden danger brought by users’ maloperation.
* 9 ranges for raising speed,10 ranges for speed reduction, to effectively avoid secondary sedimentation, with better centrifugation effect.
* Available to store 15 series of procedure for users to adjust
* AC frequency conversion motor, high precision of rotary speed control. Freon-free compressor import from Europe
* Diverse protection setting: over speed, door protection, imbalance protection, to ensure safety of both human and machine.
* Free conversion between rotary speed and centrifugal force.


Max. Speed 6000rpm
Max. RCF 3800×g
Max. Capacity 4*500mL
Motor AC frequency conversion motor
Speed Accuracy ±30r/min
Time Range Centrifugal time:1min~99 min59sec
Continuous centrifuge: Hold
Temperature Range -20℃~+40℃
Temperature Accuracy ±1.0℃
Power Supply AC220±22V 50/60Hz (Standard);110V 60Hz (Optional)
Noise < 60dB(A)
External Size (L*D*H) 720*743*410mm
Net Weight 110kg
Package Size (L*D*H) 810*825*570mm
Gross Weight 120kg



No. Roor Speed(rpm) RCF (xg) Capacity Dimension of Tube (mm)
NO.1 Swing Rotor 4000 2810 4*2*100ml
(Optional adapter)
4000 2810 4*100ml
(Optional adapter)
4000 2810 4*2*50ml Φ29*107
4000 2810 4*50ml Φ29*107
4000 2810 4*8*15ml Φ17*118
4*6*15ml Φ17*118
4*4*15ml Φ17*118
NO.2 Swing Rotor 4200 3500 4*250ml Φ62*110
NO.3 Microplate Rotor 4000 2000 2*2*96well Microplate
NO.4 Swing Rotor 4000 2800 4*12*7/5ml Φ13*110
NO.5 Swing Rotor 4000 2800 4*18*7/5ml Φ13*110
NO.6 Swing Rotor 4000 2800 4*24*7/5ml Φ13*110
NO.7 Angle Rotor 6000 3800 6*50ml Φ29*120
NO.8 Angle Rotor 6000 3300 12*10ml Φ16*83