BIOBASE Pressure Steriliser Autoclave Steam Sterilization Medical เครื่องนึ่งฆ่าเชื้อ


Services, scientific research, agricultural and other units, to the medical equipment, dressings, glassware, solution culture medium to carry out sterilization, also is a necessary test equipment food factory, drinking water plant to do QS, HACCP certification.

Application range:

There are 5 fixed programs and 2 DIY programs according to different sterilization objects such as dressings, equipment, tools, rubber, liquid, culture medium, waste, etc.

Safety Features:

* Over-temperature automatic protection device.

* Over-pressure protection measures.

* Door safety detection device.

* Over-current and leakage safety protection.

* Water shortage protection device.

Technical Features:

* Water inlet filter to keep high water quality(except BKQ-B150/200II).

* Optional printer for recording sterilization data.

* LED screen displays all steps of full process as well as error codes.

* Independent quick service window, easy for repairing and maintenance.

* Automatic selecting quick or low exhaust to avoid sterilization liquid overflowing.

* Sterilization programs for dressings, equipment, rubber, culture medium, waste, etc.

* Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure, self-expandable sealing ring, easy operating and safe.

* Complete process of filling water, dynamic pulse exhaust, heating, sterilizing, draining and drying runs automatically.

* Adopting certain temperature(98~102℃) exhaust method and dynamic pulse exhaust method to empty the cold air inside chamber for ensuring steam saturability.

* Inner stainless steel water tank for water and steam to circulate inside. Steam dose not exhaust during sterilization, so as to keep the outside clean and dry(except BKQ-B150/200II).

* Drying function (except BKQ-B150/200II)

* Optional stainless steel bucket and tray(except BKQ-B150/200II).


Capacity 50L 75L 100L 120L 150L 200L
Chamber Size(mm) φ386*514 φ386*694 φ386*874 φ386*1054 φ500*760 φ500*1000
Chamber Material S30408
Designed Pressure 0.28Mpa 0.217Mpa
Designed Temp 134℃ 138℃
Working Pressure 0.23MPa 0.217MPa
Working temp. 105~136℃ 50~134℃
Temp. Displayaccuracy 0.1℃
Timing range 0~999min 0~99h
Dynamic Pulse 

Exhaust Times

0~9 times /
Dynamic Pulse 

Exhaust Temp.

Dissolution Temp. 


Temp. Holding Range 45~60℃(programmable) 50〜100°C (programmable)
Consumption 4.4KW 4.7KW 5.2KW 5.2KW 6KW
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz 380V, 50Hz/200V, 50/60Hz
SS Basket 1 pc 2pcs 2pcs 3pcs 3 pcs 4pcs
External Size(W*D*H)mm 640*550*970 640*550*1070 640*550*1270 640*550*1370 650*650*1400 650*650*1700
Packing Size(W*D*H)mm 750*745*1100 750*745*1240 750*745*1450 750*745*1540 800*760*1530 800*760*1720
Gross Weight(kg) 102 112 125 140 213 238