BIOBASE Single Speed Mini Centrifuge Mini 12, 7, 5 เครื่องปั่นเหวี่ยงตกตะกอนขนาดเล็ก



The mini centrifuge is used for serum extraction from whole blood, supernate extraction from different samples, micro blood cell separation, bio-sample treatment, samples quick sedimentation and PCR sample treatment.


1. Rotor with 8 position & rotor for PCR strip tube
2. Unique rotor clip design, easy to install and replace
3. Long life, reliable motor, low noise, stable running
4. Humanization design, switch control for cover
5. Unibody casing looks wonderful

Technical Parameters:

Model Mini-12 Mini-7 Mini-5
Max. Speed 12000rpm 7000rpm 5000rpm
Max. RCF 7776×g 2650xg 1350xg
Capacity 0.2/0.5/1.5/2.0ml×8;8×4×0.2ml (PCR tube)
Rotor 8*2.0/1.5/0.5/0.2ml rotor(0.2ml and 0.5ml adaptor);

8*4*0.2ml PCR tube

Power AC110V-265V,50/60Hz
Consumption 300W 20W
Noise 65db(A) ≤45dB(A)
External Size(W*D*H) 178*178*115mm
Package Size(W*D*H) 320*250*210mm
Net Weight 1.3kg 1kg
Gross Weight 2.4kg 2kg