BIOBASE Table Top Low Speed Centrifuge BKC-TL4B เครื่องปั่นเหวี่ยงตกตะกอน


BKC-TL4B is a microcomputer controlled table top low speed automatic balance centrifuge, the machine is made of steel body, the surface is sprayed with plastic processing, so the rigidity is good, high strength, and novel shape, beautiful appearance, it has the advantages of low noise, low temperature rise, safety and reliability. The machine adopts DC brush maintenance-free motor drive, microcomputer control, door cover protection, so that your operation is safer, more convenient, more reliable.


It can be widely used in the separation of particles of different density at single temperature in scientific research laboratory and production of radioimmunity, biochemistry, pharmacy and so on.

*The whole machine adopts steel structure and stainless steel centrifugal chamber.
*Embedded microprocessor control,DC brushless motor drive, maintenance-free, smooth operation.
*Push-button programming design, digital tube display, real-time display of all operating parameters, intuitive and simple operation.
*Alarm monitoring function, real-time monitoring of lock and motor status, safe and reliable operation.
*Centrifugal speed, centrifugal time and other parameters can be set, and real-time display of centrifugal force.
*Equipped with a variety of Angle rotors, to meet different test requirements, a multi-purpose machine.

Technical Parameters:

Model BKC-TL4B
Max. Capacity 6*50ml
Max. Speed 4000rpm
Max. RCF 2250×g
Timing Range 1~99min
Speed Precision ±2%
Noise ≤65dB
Consumption 150W
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz 5A
External Size(L*W*H) mm 450*370*280
Net Weight(kg) 18
Package Size(L*W*H) mm 470*400*375
Gross Weight(kg) 22


No. Rotor Capacity
4M0001 Angle Rotor 6*50ml
Adapter 6*20ml,6*15ml,6*10ml,6*5ml,6*1.5ml
4M0002 Angle Rotor 4*50ml
Adapter 4*20ml,4*15ml,4*10ml,4*5ml,4*1.5ml
4M0003 Angle Rotor 12*20ml
Adapter 12*15ml,12*10ml,12*5ml,12*1.5ml
4M0004 Angle Rotor 12*15ml
Adapter 12*1.5ml
4M0005 Angle Rotor 8*15ml
Adapter 8*1.5ml
4M0006 Angle Rotor 24*10ml
Adapter 24*1.5ml
4M0007 Angle Rotor 18*10ml
Adapter 18*1.5ml
4M0008 Angle Rotor 12*10ml
Adapter 12*1.5ml
4M0009 Angle Rotor 12*1.5ml/2ml
Adapter 12*0.5ml; 12*0.2ml