BIOBASE Horizontal Cylindrical Pressure Autoclave BKQ-H150 BKQ-H200 BKQ-H300 BKQ-H400 เครื่องนึ่งฆ่าเชื้อ


A sterilization equipment for labs and healthcare, featuring a cylindrical design, operates under high pressure to ensure effective decontamination of instruments and materials.


1. Brand New Operation Interface

The LCD touch screen can display temperature,time,operating status,and fault alarm in real time,making the

sterilization information more intuitive and clear,and it is convenient for users to observe the operating status of the


2. Drying Function

With auxiliary drying function,it is used to dry sterilized items.

3. Protection Device

Equipped with over-temperature and over-pressure automatic protection devices.

4. Steam Generator

The equipment has a built-in high-speed steam generator,which saves time and effort without external steam source.

5. Automatic Operation of The Program

The equipment is externally connected to the water source,and there is no need for manual water replenishment.After the customer selects the program,the equipment can complete the entire process from water injection to drying without human intervention.After the program is completed,the sound prompts that the sterilization is complete.

Programs:Wrapped,Unwrapped,Dressing,Rubber,Drying,DIY solid

Technical Parameters:

Model BKQ-H150 BKQ-H200 BKQ-H300 BKQ-H400
Volume 150L 200L 300L 400L
Design Pressure 0.28MPa
Rated Operating Temperature 121℃/134℃
Rated working pressure 0.12MPa/0.23MPa
Chamber Material S30408
Power Supply Standard:380V 50/60Hz three phase;
optional:220V 50/60Hz three phase,220V 50/60Hz one phase
Rated Power 16kW
Ambient Temperature 5-40℃
Sterilization Time Adjustable Range 0-99min
Adjustable Drying Time Range 0-99min
Adjustable Drying Temperature Range 115℃-134℃
Chamber Size (φ*L)mm φ500*820 φ500*1050 φ650*935 φ650*1235
Packing Size(L*D*H)mm 1370*820*1880 1600*820*1880 1650*950*1980 1950*950*1980
Gross Weight (kg) 320 355 475 535