BIOBASE Table Top High Speed Centrifuge BKC-TH16B เครื่องปั่นเหวี่ยงตกตะกอน



Centrifuge is a special equipment for rapid separation, concentration and purification of mixed substances with different sedimentation coefficients through centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation. It is widely used in medical and health care, blood stations, pharmaceutical factories, biomedical engineering, animal and plant research and other fields. This product is mainly used for the separation of human samples before sample analysis.


The BKC-TH16B table top high-speed centrifuge can perform high-purity separation and extraction of samples, and is mostly used for the separation, preparation and enrichment of blood, cells, proteins, enzymes, viruses, etc.


1.Embedded microprocessor control, DC brushless motor drive, maintenance-free, stable operation.

2.The 5-inch touch LCD screen supports language customization, and the operation interface is intuitive and simple.

3.It adopts electromechanical integration door lock, which is easy to use, safe and reliable.

4.Silicone integral sealing ring is used to avoid aerosol overflow and ensure the safety of staff.

5.With self-test, stall, overspeed, unbalance, overtemperature and other detection and alarm functions.

6.Excellent shock absorption device to ensure the smoothness of the motor.

7.Multiple groups of user-defined programs can be stored.

8.Microcomputer control, real-time display speed, time, RCF and other parameters.

9.Various angle rotors and adapters are available for 0.2ml-10ml centrifuge tubes.

Technical Parameters:

Model BKC-TH16B
Max. Capacity 12*10ml
Max. Speed 16000rpm
Max. RCF 19722×g
Timing Range 1~99H59min/ Continuous/Short-spin
Speed Precision ±35rpm
Noise ≤62dB
Consumption 500W
Power Supply AC220V, 50/60Hz(Standard);110V,60Hz(Optional, External transformer)
External Size(L*W*H) mm 340*448*305
Net Weight(kg) 29
Package Size(L*W*H) mm 456*550*460
Gross Weight(kg) 32


NO. Capacity Max Speed(rpm) Max RCF(×g) Adapters
16M0003 8×7ml 14000 16435×g /
16M0005 12×10ml 12000 14329×g 1.5ml, 5ml
16M0006 12×1.5/2ml 16000 18032×g 0.2ml
16M0007 18×1.5/2ml 15000 18867×g 0.5ml
16M0008 24×1.5/2ml 14000 19722×g 0.5ml
16M0009 10×5ml 13500 14263×g 1.5ml