BIOBASE Forced Air Drying Oven BJPX-HGZ30L ตู้อบความร้อน


This product is used for drying, disinfection, wax melting and sterilization of non-flammable and explosive items and non-volatile items. For example, drying of experimental samples, food, glassware, thermal hardening, thermal denaturation, thermal softening, and moisture removal of chemical substances; dry heat sterilization of utensils and utensils in bioengineering; aging and drying of electronic components. Widely used in biopharmaceuticals, enterprises, scientific research, food processing, medical units and various laboratories, etc.


  1. Structure design

LCD display

Built-in temperature deviation calibration function, parameter memory function, with call parameters automatic recovery function


Timing Settings

Accurate control of heating time, timing range 0-9999 minutes (hours), timing error ≤1%


Independent fan switch

Independent fan switch, according to the heating needs to decide whether to start

Unique mandatory fan cooling ventilation structure, ensure the fan working temperature is less than 50°C


2. Exterior design

Novel vertical design, shell with electrostatic spraying steel plate, corrosion resistant and durable

Optional Foot Master casters are available for more convenient movement.


Three-dimensional circulation air duct

Unique bottom air blast and bottom heating reasonable cooperation

Vertical double duct vertical hot air circulation design

The temperature is uniform to meet the requirements of high-precision experiments


Technical Parameters:

Capacity 30L
Temp. Range RT+10℃~300℃
Temp. Precision 0.1℃
Temp. Uniformity ≤Max Temp.±2.5%
Circulation Mode Bottom heating, forced convection
Timing Range 0~9999min/h
Shelves NO. (pc) 2
Display LCD
Power Supply 100~245V 50/60Hz
Internal Size(mm) 310*310*310
External Size(mm) 440*670*495
Packing Size(mm) 520*810*550
Gross Weight(kg) 50