BIOBASE Elisa Microplate Washer BK-9622 BK-9613 เครื่องล้างเพลท ELISA



* Microcomputer control, automatically complete the plate washing operation.

* The liquid level sensing function automatically detects the liquid level, and automatically alarms when the cleaning liquid is insufficient and the waste liquid is overflowing.

* The user-friendly operating system allows users to customize the plate type, set the number of washes, the amount of wash solution, the way to wash the plate, the suction point, the soaking and shaking time and other parameters.

* The wash head is self-balancing, has two-point aspiration, and performs bottom flushing.

* 2 kinds of Automatic washing, Soaking and Shaking, to reduce the interference adsorption during the reaction;  time adjustable.


Model BK-9622 BK-9613
Cleaning Head 8 channels and 12 channels 96 pins, single row controllable


Four kinds, flat bottom, U bottom, V bottom, round bottom
Average Residue <1μl(per hole) <0.7μl(per hole)
Liquid Suction Time 0.1~999.9 seconds adjustable, with an interval of 0.1 seconds
Line Flush Time 0~240 seconds, adjustable
Washing Programs Up to 200 programs
Display 7-inch touch display
Liquid Injection Channels 3 (2 types of lotion and 1 type of distilled water)
Cleaning Needle Position 6 types (horizontal, left, middle, right, bottom, hole spacing)
Consumption 80W 350W
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; 110±10%, 60Hz
Packing size(W*D*H): 720*480*400mm 740*675*562mm
Gross Weight 20kg 42