BIOBASE Drying Oven/Incubator (Dual Purpose) BOV-D20P BOV-D45P BOV-D72P BOV-D125P BOV-D210P ตู้อบความร้อน


Thickened double layer toughened glass observation window, easy to observe the changes of the items in the chamber.


1. The inner chamber is made of 304 mirror stainless steel.

2. Intelligent liquid crystal temperature control instrument, with functions of timing, over temperature alarm indication, temperature deviation correction, temperature control self-tuning, automatic speed regulation of fan, door control (once open the door, automatically stop heating, effectively prevent the machine over temperature) etc.

3. Thickened double layer toughened glass observation window, easy to observe the changes of the items in the chamber.

4. Equipped with fan speed control switch, users can choose to “adjust the wind speed manually” or directly choose “automatic speed regulation of fan” according to their needs.

5. Precision: high precision microcomputer LCD temperature control instrument, temperature control accurate and reliable.

6. Rapid: rapid temperature rise, forced convection, dry hot air pass directly through the heated object, drying and disinfection time is significantly shortened.

7. Safety: once the temperature exceeds the limit, the machine will automatically stop heating to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.  Convenience: can be set through the instrument to achieve three gears of fan speed adjustable and timing control, shelves can be moved to facilitate cleaning in the box.

8. Optional of over-temperature protector, timer, programmable control instrument, printer, 485 interface and other functions.

Technical Parameters:

Model BOV-D20P BOV-D45P BOV-D72P BOV-D125P BOV-D210P
Capacity 20L 45L 72L 125L 210L
Power 220V/50HZ
Temp. Control Range Incubator: RT+5~80℃    Drying Oven: 80~300℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃
Temperature Fluctuation Incubator: ±0.5℃    Drying Oven: ±1℃
Timing Range 0~9999min
Power 600W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W
Power Supply Standard: 220V 50/60Hz; optional: 110V 50/60Hz
Chamber Size

(D*W*H) mm

260*280*280 350*360*350 400*400*450 450*500*550 500*600*700
External Size

(D*W*H) mm

450*420*590 550*495*700 590*535*800 650*635*1040 705*735*1190
Packing Size

(D*W*H) mm

510*490*690 600*550*790 650*600*880 720*700*1130 790*750*1280
Net Weight/Gross Weight (kg) 24/27 38/46 47/55 71/81 85/97