BIOBASE Cooling Incubator BJPX-I-200L BJPX-I-250L BJPX-I-300L BJPX-I-400L ตู้บ่มเชื้อ



Cooling incubator is suitable for environmental protection, health, epidemic prevention, drug testing, agricultural livestock, aquaculture and other scientific research, production departments, water analysis of BOD determination, bacteria, mold and other microbial samples culture preservation, plant cultivation, breeding test.

1. LCD display.
2. Microcomputer PID control, precise temperature control.
3. The inner cavity is made of 304 stainless steel, round corner structure, easy to clean. Universal caster for easy movement.
4. Includes power failure protection and overtemperature alarm.
5. Use R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Technical Parameters:

Model BJPX-I-200L BJPX-I-250L BJPX-I-300L BJPX-I-400L
Capacity 200L 250L 300L 400L
Temp. Control Range -10~65℃
Temp. Fluctuation Heating:±0.5℃, cooling: ±1℃
Temp. Uniformity ±1.5℃(at 37℃)
Timing Range 0-9999min/h
Refrigerant R290
Power Supply Standard: 220V 50/60Hz, optional: 110V 50/60Hz
Outer Size(mm) 590*660*1530 620*700*1600 660*700*1700 720*760*1800
Inner Size(mm) 450*450*1000 480*490*1070 520*500*1170 580*540*1270
Packing Size(mm) 730*800*1720 760*850*1790 800*850*1890 860*900*1990
Gross Weight 138kg 145kg 160kg 180kg