BIOBASE Constant Temperature and Humidity Incubator BJPX-HT1000(PC) ตู้บ่มเชื้อ



The constant temperature and humidity box has a precise temperature and humidity control system. It provides various environmental simulation conditions required for industrial research and biotechnology testing. Therefore, it can be widely used in sterile tests and stability inspections for pharmaceuticals, textiles, and food processing. As well as testing of raw material properties, product packaging, and product life of industrial products.

* With 7-inch color LCD touch screen to monitor the temperature and humidity curve in real time, it has menu-type interface, easy to observe and operate.
* One button for checking running history.
* Equipped with microprocessor temperature control system, overheat protector and PT100 are standard for precise and safe temperature control.
* Equipped with independent PID humidity control system, HIH4000 is standard for precise humidity control.
* Fixed value operation and segmented operation are available, timing range of 1~5999min.
* Three level operation interface permissions (administrator, experimenter, operator), to prevent unrelated personnel from interrupting experiment or equipment failure.
* Equipped with a PC interface, remote operation monitoring can be carried out, and mobile phone APP control is optional.
* It can be adjusted between the balance type and the start-stop type, the upper and lower parts of the evaporator automatically switch for defrosting, no need to close down for defrosting.
* The lamp is at the top of the box, and the lighting time can be set regularly.
* With over-temperature alarm, low-temperature warning, water level alarm and alarm for opening the door too long.

Technical Parameters:

Model BJPX-HT1000(PC)
Capacity 1000L
Convection Mode Forced convection
Temp. Range 5~60℃
Temp. Fluctuation ±2℃
Temp. Uniformity 0.1℃
Humidity Range 50~90%RH
Humidity Fluctuation ±5~±8%RH
Humidification Method Built-in humidification system
Heating/Refrigeration Method Stainless steel electric heater/closed CFC-free compression system
Time Setting 1~5999min
Refrigerant R134a or R404
Lamp Power 8W
Consumption 1200~1800W
Power Supply 220V±10%;50Hz
Accessory U disk(standard) for 1 million data storage, PC interface(standard) for remote control, BOD socket(optional), shelf*2 (standard)
Internal Size(W*D*H) 1200*600*1400mm
External Size(W*D*H) 1343*1046*1985mm
Package Size(W*D*H) 1420*1070*2150mm
Net Weight 220kg
Gross Weight 300kg