BIOBASE Biosafety Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Autoclave 50l 75l 100l 120l เครื่องนึ่งฆ่าเชื้อ


Biosafety autoclave is suitable for the sterilization of materials, instruments, utensilis, culture media and wastes for thepurpose of biosafety, in order to prevent the spread of pathogenic factors through aerosols to people, animals and plantsor the environment pollution.

Technical Features:

* True color touch control panel with clear display and easy operation.

* With waste water collection and waste gas filtration system, it can ensure the sterility of waste water and waste gas finally discharged.

* The equipment occupies a small space and has a large cavity volume.

*Footmaster casters, easy to move the equipment.

*With a quick service window, electrical equipment can be serviced without removing the cover.

*The machine has a built-in independent steam generator.

*Self-expanding silicone sealing ring, with good sealing effect and long service life, is made of medical transparentsilicone molding.

* Using single chip control, water injection, heating, sterilization, exhaust, drying, collection, filtration, automatic control,no manual operation.

* Built-in printer, which can print sterilization data in real time.*Deionized water connection for supplying the steam generator.

Technical Parameters:

Capacity 50L 75L 100L 120L
Design Pressure 0.28MPa
Rated Working Pressure 0.23MPa
Working Temperature 134°C
Chamber Material S304
Internal Chamber Size(φ*L) mm φ386*515 φ386*695 φ386*1280 φ386*1380
Working Noise ≤65dB
Power Supply Standard: 220V 50Hz; optional: 110V 60Hz(internal transformer)
Rated Power 4kW
External Size (L*D*H) mm 700*610*1070 700*610*1070 700*610*1250 700*610*1070
Net Weight 118kg 122kg 130kg 122kg
Packing Size (L*D*H) mm 760*670*1130 760*670*1130 760*670*1310 760*670*1130
Gross Weight 134kg 138kg 146kg 138kg