BIOBASE AC Series Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinet A2-X ตู้ปลอดเชื้อ


1. Color key display: large screen, more clear and dynamic display of various values of the safety cabinet, and has the function of appointment timing.
2. Automatically adjust the wind speed.
3. With power-off memory function, the state before power-off will be restored after power-on, and there will be visual prompts and alarms.
4. The integrated design of the operation area makes it easy to disassemble and clean.
5. The cabinet is separated from the base. The height of the adjustable base can be customized.
6. Interlocking function: UV lamp and front window; UV lamp and fan, lamp; fan and front window.
7. It has the function of appointment timing, which can automatically set the time of starting and shutting down the safety cabinet and the running time of ultraviolet lamps, fans and sockets.
8. The front window closes the double trigger signal, so that the sterilization and disinfection function of the ultraviolet lamp is normally turned on.
9. The negative pressure air duct is equipped with a foreign matter filtering structure to prevent foreign matter such as paper scraps from entering the fan system and affecting the normal operation of the product.
10. The front window glass has a one-key lift function
11. The cabinet is designed with a 10° inclination angle, which is in line with ergonomic principles, with a larger viewing angle, convenient operation and more humanization.
12. The one-piece hand rest has a large flat surface, which has a larger contact area with the arm and is more comfortable.

Technical Parameters:

Model BSC-1100ⅡA2-X BSC-1300ⅡA2-X BSC-1500ⅡA2-X BSC-1800ⅡA2-X BSC-2000ⅡA2-X
External Size(W*D*H) 1100*755*2200mm 1300*755*2200mm 1500*755*2200mm 1800*755*2200mm 1950*800*2170mm
Internal Size(W*D*H) 940*600*660mm 1150*600*660mm 1350*600*660mm 1625*600*660mm 1800*600*660mm
Tested Opening Safety height 200mm(8″)
Max Opening 440mm
Inflow Velocity 0.53±0.025m/s
Downflow Velocity 0.33±0.025m/s
ULPA Filter Two,99.9995% efficiency at0.12μm,filter life indicator
Front Window Motorized. Two-layer laminated toughened glass≥6mm.Anti UV
Noise ≤65 dB
UV Lamp 30W*1 30W*1 40W*1 40W*1 40W*1
UV timer, UV life indicator, emission of 235.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination
LED lamp 12W*2 14W*2 16W*2 16W*2 12W*4
Illumination ≥1000Lux
Consumption 600W 800W 1300W 1300W 1700W
Waterproof Socket Two, total load of two sockets:500W
Display LCD display: exhaust filter and downflow filter pressure, filter and UV lamp working time, inflow and downflow velocity, filter life, humidity and temperature, system working time etc.
Control System Microprocessor
Airflow System 70% air recirculation. 30% air exhaust
Visual and Audio Alarm Abnormal airflow velocity, filter replacement, front window at unsafe height, high filter pressure alarm, abnormal power failure
Material Work Zone:304 stainless steel
Main Body: Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating
Work Surface Height 750mm (Size can be customized according to requirements )
Caster Footmaster caster
Power Supply AC220V 50 / 60HZ;110V 60HZ
Standard Accessory LED lamp 2pcs, UV lamp 1pc, Base stand, Remote control, Foot switch, Drain valve, Waterproof socket 2pcs
Optional Accessory Water and gas tap, Electric height adjustable base stand, Armrest
Gross Weight 220kg 280kg 316kg 366kg 420kg
Package Size(W*D*H) 1230*1060*1840mm 1430*1060*1840mm 1630*1060*1840mm 1930*1060*1840mm 2080*1060*1840mm